Role of Asset Managers

As specialized real estate asset managers and Court Appointed Receivers throughout Florida, JKM provides the oversight and expertise required to initially stabilize and subsequently enhance asset performance.  There are numerous situations, including but not limited to foreclosure, litigation and business disputes, in which a third-party asset manager can devote the time required to fairly and effectively operate a property. 

In some circumstances, the Court appointment of a Receiver is in response to the misappropriation or mismanagement of a property.  In this case, the Receiver, acting as an agent for the Court, can legally take control of the physical premises and/or finances of a property pursuant to the details of the Court Order.  The Receiver reports his findings and actions to the Court through the submittal of quarterly Court reports.

During the Bankruptcy process, a third-party Plan Administrator is typically required in order to administer changes that are detailed within the Bankruptcy proceedings.  These Court approved changes are intended to physically and financially stabilizes a property in accordance with a strategy for disposition.

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